July(ish) Challenge – Day 9

WOW!  We’ve decluttered something every day for 9 straight days!  This morning yields 16 items.

Here’s a blast from the past that we can’t even look at and our 16 items, sadly all from Barb’s desk.

When was the last time I used these?  Not in the last 21 years – that’s when I started teaching at the middle school.

Challenge Total = 175 items

Daily Average = 19.44 items per day

July(ish) Challenge – Day 8

After much debate for the last several years (and yesterday), the old chest freezer took a ride this morning in the newly reclaimed Xterra.  The local appliance company said if we drop it off they will take care of disposing of it.

We just don’t need it anymore.  With just the 2 of us, even 2 refrigerators seems excessive.  That debate will be ongoing – probably for several more years.

This freezer still works wonderfully.  We inherited it when Barb’s Grandma died in 1993 (24 years now!  Wow!)  Hence part of the reason for the debate.  How do you get rid of “useful” stuff you inherit.  Of all things, it’s a freezer.  We also got the miniature lemon tree she had on her patio forever.  It still produces a ton of lemons every year!  Whenever John makes lemonade using those lemons, we call it Grandma’s lemonade.  He freezes the lemon juice but we really don’t need a separate chest freezer for that.  Grandma lives in our hearts, not the freezer.  (That sounds weird now that I typed it!)

Grandma had this freezer for at least 10 years.  She moved back to California in 1981 and we think that is when she purchased it.  [Interesting side note, she moved to Iowa to care for her ailing father in 1972.  Barb can’t remember if she put it into storage when she left.  It could be even older than we think.]

Among the things in it were soup bones (since 2002- yikes!)  and some meat from a partial cow purchase in 2009.  We think those are no longer edible.

We also removed extra floor tiles.

Removed today = 26 items

Challenge total = 159 items

Daily Average = 19.875 items per day

July(ish) Challenge – Day 7

John was motivated this morning to clear out some things from the garage!  When he got this pile ready to move out, we considered it a day for the challenge.  Anything else he removes (now that the post is finished) will count for tomorrow.

13 carpet scraps, 1 old wooden school desk, 1 garment rack (again something not used since the girls stopped dancing about 15 years ago), 1 bar for the garment boxes when we “moved” out during the great flood of 2015.

Total today = 16 items

Challenge total = 133 items!

Daily Average = 19 items per day!  We are still ahead of our goal of 18 items per day!!  We are doing a decluttering dance today!

July(ish) Challenge – Day 6

We are still finding stuff to declutter – and to think we thought we were done!

19 items gone this morning!

Barb’s desk yields 2 magazines, 2 cellphone covers (for a phone we don’t even have!), an appointment card, and a duplicate check thingy from 2013.

John’s desk yields 2 magazines, 1 not working pen.

The linen closet yields 3 pillowcases, 3 flat sheets and 2 fitted sheets.

and a pair of winter boots and a butane powered curling iron from when the girls competed for dance (about 15 years ago!)


Total for challenge =  117 items gone!

Average = 19.5 items per day

July(ish) Challenge – Day 4

20 more items gone!   Thank you Jen for the random number challenge! You would think that after removing over 15,000 items so far we wouldn’t have anything left.  We find it encouraging to go back to a place we thought was “done” only to find more that can be removed.  Today it took about 10 minutes to find, photograph, and post.

Today, we opened a drawer in our bathroom.

6 makeup brushes, 3 mercury thermometers, thermometer covers, 3 lip balms, 2 nail clippers, 1 nail brush, 1 contact case, 1 glasses cleaning cloth, 1 lipstick, 1 cracked drawer organizer.



Total items gone because of this challenge = 80

Daily average = 20 items per day.