About Us

We, John and Barb, have been on a mission to declutter our possessions (the Stuff).  Simple/Sustainable/Minimalist lifestyle, here we come!  This blog will allow us to share the experience with you.  This lifestyle change appears to be affecting more than just our personal possessions!  We are devoting more effort to the environmental aspects and financial aspects too!

John has a B.S. degree in Physics and a M.S. degree in Geosciences.  Barb has a B.A. and M.S. degree in Biology.  We both look at the world from a scientific perspective which sometimes slows us down!  We recycled and composted long before others.  We are both concerned about the world our children (and grandchildren to come) will inherit and feel we need to do more.  Decluttering the stuff is one small step in our simple, minimalist, sustainable lifestyle.

We were married June 1984 (33 years ago!)  We have 2 adult daughters (ages 30 and 28) and 1 son-in-law.  We have lived in our current home since December 1989 (27 years already!)  Time sure flies when you look at these numbers.  It feels like yesterday we were starting a family and moving into this house!

Our other blog about our travels is here:  “Our Adventures with Winnie

Barb’s genealogy blog is here: “Relatives – His and Hers




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